Saturday, June 17, 2017

Giving Patreon a try

What I'm working on...

Thanks to everyone for checking out the blog and giving the instruments a try.
If anyone would like to support old bigcat instruments I'm giving Patreon a try and we'll see how it goes, if it goes. Thanks plasterbrain and Francis for being my first two patrons! I never know if I should give last names on a public forum.

A kind of index of the blog and related blogs...

Current Project: Kontakt Instruments using Google Creative Commons Samples 

bigcat Keyboard Instruments, Piano, Organ, Electric Piano

VSCO2 Orchestra  VST & Kontakt

Big GM List of Kontakt Instruments

GM List of Standalone VST Instruments

A list of Free Instruments from all over the net - No Kontakt Required

A Blog of Free Instruments from the net, Kontakt, SFZ, VST and otherwise

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